How Coca-Cola drives consumption during break time

  • Brand: Coca-Cola

Challenge – Coca-Cola hoped to go against the current – having Coke break campaign to keep on-going hand in hand with the consumption, despite the absence of the product within the office environment.

Idea – We created the unprecedented Coca-Cola Breakaway Station to give office workers more reasons to go out and take a Coke break.

Execution – The Coca-Cola Breakaway Station used the red plastic stools as building blocks and took shape of a giant Coke bottle that fizzed up people’s day. The installation was placed nearby office buildings and used drones with targeted message to lead people in. The recap video has been lately posted on Youtube and managed to gain more than one million views within a week.

How to tackle food wastage with design

  • Brand: Niconico Yasai

According to Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Ho Chi Minh City, General Statistics Office of Vietnam, over 50,000 tons of food is wasted daily in Vietnam.

The fact is that people tend to throw their food away when it looks less fresh, specifically vegetables. With just a packaging label, we solve the vegetable wastage. On each vegetable bag, we included a cooking freshness guide to help consumers know what kinds of dishes to cook at any stage of freshness.

These packages were sold at all FAMILY MART and TOKYO MART Supermarkets in Vietnam, and expanded fast.

How small habit keeps children away from intestinal worms

  • Brand: East Meets West Fountain

Hand-washing is not a habit in some parts of Northern Vietnam. It is observed that kids don’t like to wash their hands; thus, up to 90% of kids have worm infections (reported by East Meets West Foundation).

But we discovered an interesting fact: all kids love playing with water.

We came up with the idea to create a 300kg elephant out-of-soap and turn it into a fountain called The Soap Fountain. With a Vietnamese artist, we created The Soap Fountain in Son Duong School – the Elementary School in the North of Vietnam to attract kids to play and wash their hands.

How Microsoft connects their fans in digital world

  • Brand: Microsoft

As a leader of hi-tech service, Microsoft looks for its best to connect with fans, and share tips with the community.

Our team runs an integrated digital plan on different channels – from display banners, websites, e-newsletters to social media for both Microsoft Service and Lumia Devices. It leads to the big digital network in which Facebook becomes a main hub of two-way communication between the brand and its fans.

The result indicates that Microsoft reaches a positive number of fans. Noticeably, many online and offline events held on Facebook are specifically designed to the right target audience that increases high engagement to users.

How Domino’s Pizza lets the pizzas sell each other

  • Brand: Domino’s Pizza

In order to introduce new flavors, Domino’s pizza runs a promotion campaign.

And, our idea is…to let the pizzas talk and sell themselves.

Execution – Imagine two local tastes of pizza’s flavors are brothers. They help each other to be sold by giving good comments. The whole POSM is a lovely conversation of two brothers.

The idea works well as the target consumers love it. They find it fun and cute then take an action of buying both flavors.

Does LifeStyles make selling condom look hot than ever before?

  • Brand: LifeStyles

Sex is a sensitive topic to be discussed in Vietnam. However, Vietnamese youngsters are always curious about sex related talks.

Featuring the hot girl Linh Miu as a sexy professor, we help our condom client, LifeStyles Vietnam, build the series of “training shows” about tips to approach six types of hot girls, and how to satisfy them.

Targeting the right youngster group, and leveraging the hotness of the influencer, the series become viral clips getting watched and shared on Youtube and Facebook that makes consumers know about the LifeStyles brand better.

How Colgate promotes a Smiley Tet

  • Brand: Colgate

Tet is the big holidays for Vietnamese people as it is Lunar New Year Celebration. For local thought, the more you smile during Tet, the luckier and happier you will be in the New Year.

Thus, the TVC featured “The Smile” as a bright beginning of the year. In order to have great smiles, Colgate was the best choice thanks to its expertise in dental care.

The TVC was much insightful with some “secrets revealing” of the kid to smile more for getting much lucky money, the husband to promise himself to spend more time with his wife and daughter in order to make them smile more, and the daughter to give her beautiful smile to her mom frequently as she gets away from home to study.

NutiFood saves lives and the environment

  • Brand: Nutifood

Problems – Every year, Central Vietnam surfers big storms and floods. Since 2011, 817 people have lost their life, and an average of 2 deaths for every day due to the floods. – Plastic bottles are discarded in Vietnam. Idea – Just “one stone kills two birds” idea, PLASTIC BOTTLE LIFE VEST, to solve the two problems above.

Execution – With our initiative, we recommended a great CSR activity to our client, NutiFood. Easy and convenient, the used plastic bottles made the used life vest floating on the floods that helped million of people, and that was how to make the PLASTIC BOTTLE LIFE VEST. In fact, NutiFood distributed the vests across different provinces in Vietnam. Every 1,000 vests prevent loss of 1,000 lives and 12,000 plastic bottles from going to waste. Just by simple science, NutiFood leveraged its power to give waste a second life to save lives and save the planet.

How NutiFood builds brand love through empathy

  • Brand: Nutifood

NutiFood is one of leading nutrition companies in Vietnam. However, the industry is competitive, and every brand could be more or less the same in consumers’ point of view. How to make NutiFood stand out from the crowd?

Getting from the insight of being parents, taking care of children is from heart, NutiFood added in the advanced technology to create nutrition-from-endless-love. The TVC is an emotional story about a patient lacking of nutrition. As a role of a doctor, also a mom, the NutiFood expert wholeheartedly created “blending nutrition” to turn good food to liquid so that the patient was easily absorbed. Thanks to the doctor, and the parents’ endless love, the patient got well, and developed strongly. The message from the TVC was also from NutiFood: Nutrition was made from advanced technology and endless love to kids. Furthermore, the most motivation was simply from the precious role of being parents.

How Vietnamobile talks the talk to launch new product

  • Brand: Vietnamobile

Sim Thach Sanh – a sim card that allows users to get long talking hours. In its first promotion campaign, the sim card offered 1 hour of talk with the charge of only 1 minute.

How could the not-so-new benefit of long talk time be interpreted in a memorable and locally relevant way?

Using the well-known Vietnamese saying “porridge talk”, which refers to spending hours over the phone call, we imagined a world where people used rice-cooker phones, instead of their mobiles, to communicate. Among those, only the users of Vietnamobile’s Sim Thach Sanh managed to cook porridge.

How Ovaltine attracts smart kids with smart stories

  • Brand: Ovaltine

Nutritional drink for kids is one of the most heavily advertised categories in Vietnam. To cut through me-too functional messages targeting at moms, we helped Ovaltine find a shortcut: appeal to kids via seasonal promotion campaigns.

Using the Super 5 – a group of five characters with different personality traits – we successfully turned something as humble as give-away erasers into the talk-of-the-town among Vietnamese kids. Particularly, we used those assemble erasers to create an imaginary super-city, where the Super 5 immersed themselves in thrilling adventures empowered by Ovaltine.

The campaign was promoted on kids’ websites, magazines and comic publications. As a result, it boosted not only sales, but also brand love among Vietnamese moms and kids.

How Emirates reaches its niche audience

  • Brand: Emirates

Opportunity – How to make Saigonese remember to fly Emirates from June 4th onwards.

Idea – Let customers use free Wifi service with Emirates’ secret password at premium cafes at where our target audience are most open to the conversation.

Execution – We changed the Wifi password at the cafes to FlyEmirates, by which everyone may access to the world.

Results – In 3 weeks, there was over 10.000 people typing FlyEmirates as the password. In 2012, the campaign was recognised in Top 3 The Most Innovative Campaigns for Emirates Worldwide.

How LG does good with re-purposed facemasks

  • Brand: LG

Opportunity – There are over 25 million motorcyclists in Vietnam, and facemasks are the best option to prevent air pollution. They are cheap, convenient to replace many times. But instead of discarding, how about donating them?

Idea – We came up with the idea to ask people to donate their used facemasks, and stitched them into quilts or needy children.

Execution – We asked people to donate their facemasks, had them washed with LG’s Allergy Care washing machines, then stitched together into quilts. The quilts were later distributed to orphanages across Ho Chi Minh City. This is a yearlong program so the more facemasks we collect, the more quilts will be donated. It is for saving the environment, providing employment, and give to those in needs.

How Colgate makes kids brush their teeth

  • Brand: Colgate

Problem – It is observed that kids hate when it comes to teeth brushing.

Idea – We add some fun to this everyday hygienic process to encourage kids to clean their teeth more frequently.

Execution – We created screw-on nozzles that allow kid to make fun shapes from the toothpaste squeezed through. The four SqueeZee shapes – star, seashell, propeller and caterpillar – make brush-time fun for children, and easy for their parents.

Results – SqueeZee was available at many supermarkets, especially with special school packaging giveaway for Colgate’s Bright Smiles, Bright Futures oral health education program for children. The idea also helps the agency pick up Top Honours in the Product Design category at AdFest 2014.

Palmolive makes Cherry Blossom more desirable

  • Brand: Palmolive

Opportunity – Palmolive wanted to remark a memorable launch for their new product: The Milk & Cherry Blossom Shower Gel.

Idea – The TVC depicted a romantic story where the girl found her love, thanks to the fully moisturized skin and the unforgettable scent of Cherry Blossom.

Execution – The TVC depicted a romantic story where the girl found her love, thanks to the fully moisturized skin and the unforgettable scent of Cherry Blossom. Apart from that, some offline activities with POSMs were massively popular at supermarkets to reach more target audience.

How science educates motorcyclist on anti-speeding

  • Brand: Asia Injury Prevention

Problem – In 2012, there were 36,400 traffic accidents in Vietnam with 9,848 death and 38,064 injured, in which speeding is one of the main causes. Anti-speeding campaigns had been done by our client and others to different results, so what could we do with a fraction of a budget from the ones before?

Idea – We skewed speeding from a totally different angle to make people stop, stare and talk. We equate crashing when speeding to falling off a building.

Execution – We created an installation of a motorbike that has seemingly plunged down from different floors of buildings around Ho Chi Minh City. A different speed equates to a different floor of a building. We worked with colleges, universities, and office buildings for maximum exposure.

Results – The sites we used gave us the opportunity to reach more than 5,000 people over a period of time. People stopped and talked about the installation. Most took photos and videos. We hope as we tour Ho Chi Minh City with the installation that more exposure will create more talk and fewer accidents.

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