Problems – Every year, Central Vietnam surfers big storms and floods. Since 2011, 817 people have lost their life, and an average of 2 deaths for every day due to the floods. – Plastic bottles are discarded in Vietnam. Idea – Just “one stone kills two birds” idea, PLASTIC BOTTLE LIFE VEST, to solve the two problems above.

Execution – With our initiative, we recommended a great CSR activity to our client, NutiFood. Easy and convenient, the used plastic bottles made the used life vest floating on the floods that helped million of people, and that was how to make the PLASTIC BOTTLE LIFE VEST. In fact, NutiFood distributed the vests across different provinces in Vietnam. Every 1,000 vests prevent loss of 1,000 lives and 12,000 plastic bottles from going to waste. Just by simple science, NutiFood leveraged its power to give waste a second life to save lives and save the planet.


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