Problem – In 2012, there were 36,400 traffic accidents in Vietnam with 9,848 death and 38,064 injured, in which speeding is one of the main causes. Anti-speeding campaigns had been done by our client and others to different results, so what could we do with a fraction of a budget from the ones before?

Idea – We skewed speeding from a totally different angle to make people stop, stare and talk. We equate crashing when speeding to falling off a building.

Execution – We created an installation of a motorbike that has seemingly plunged down from different floors of buildings around Ho Chi Minh City. A different speed equates to a different floor of a building. We worked with colleges, universities, and office buildings for maximum exposure.

Results – The sites we used gave us the opportunity to reach more than 5,000 people over a period of time. People stopped and talked about the installation. Most took photos and videos. We hope as we tour Ho Chi Minh City with the installation that more exposure will create more talk and fewer accidents.

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