NutiFood is one of leading nutrition companies in Vietnam. However, the industry is competitive, and every brand could be more or less the same in consumers’ point of view. How to make NutiFood stand out from the crowd?

Getting from the insight of being parents, taking care of children is from heart, NutiFood added in the advanced technology to create nutrition-from-endless-love. The TVC is an emotional story about a patient lacking of nutrition. As a role of a doctor, also a mom, the NutiFood expert wholeheartedly created “blending nutrition” to turn good food to liquid so that the patient was easily absorbed. Thanks to the doctor, and the parents’ endless love, the patient got well, and developed strongly. The message from the TVC was also from NutiFood: Nutrition was made from advanced technology and endless love to kids. Furthermore, the most motivation was simply from the precious role of being parents.


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